Paco’s Got Balls Featuring Wendi

Paco’s Got Balls #82 w/ Rose Vineshank - “A Rose by Any Other Name”

October 19, 2018

Balls and Wendi double-team tonight’s episode, as their cohort makes his way to NYC. But who better to fill the Paco-shaped hole than Baltimore comedian Rose Vineshank?? Rose joins the gang for a recap of the latest comedy nights and to talk about her recent experience performing at Roadie Joe’s. Tune in for stories of accidental home invasions, geriatric alcoholics, and more Freudian slips than you can shake a stick at. Then stick around for Rose and her razor-sharp wit in one of the most memorable hot seats of all time!


Tags: Rose Vineshank, Svedka, Roadie Joes, geriatric alcoholics, Elizabeth Taylor, E-lez-abeth Taylor, Home Invasion, DC Draft House, Blue Iguana, NPR, Diane Rehm, dating, LGBTQ, AfterEllen, Burlesque, Spaghetti, Use To Be Pete, R. Lee Townsend 

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