Paco’s Got Balls #40 w/ Krystal The Pistol - “Mouth full of pubes”

December 21, 2017

Thanks BRAD! A moist, dark hole; two 12 packs; Dirty talking; and a snowball for Stefan! Find Krystal online!


Paco’s Got Balls #39 w/ Kelly’s Dream - “Eggnog, Smegnog!”

December 14, 2017

Christmas Songs; Fun in a phone booth; Hedonism; Snafu! Please visit and support Kelly's Dream! Head to Big Timing Comedy's website for all your Amazon Shopping! 


Paco’s Got Balls #37 w/ Jen Seidel ‘Coming Of Age”

December 6, 2017

Yes, they're out of order, deal with it! Erik stands in for Wendi; Accident with the Cabbage Patch kids (and wife); Jen The Body Painter is on FIRE! On Facebook; On Instagram; The full length videos on YouTube; And Now on Patreon! Congratulations to all of #TeamJen ...and for Brandon! 


Paco’s Got Balls #38 w/ Bryan Preston - “Smeggs ‘N Eggs”

November 30, 2017

Erik Woodworth sits in for Wendi; We miss Jen; we discuss foreskin AGAIN! AND man-buns? Erik's podcast is Quality Time; Use the code Comedy for a 25% discount on great shades at Nectar; Poco's Got Balls is a production of Big Timing Comedy!


Paco’s Got Ballz #36 w/ The Graveyard Goonz Part 2

November 26, 2017

featuring Wendi Townsend. Beep THIS; Paco's Got Karaoke; Yet another foreskin update (again!); The TLC Tugger(NOT a sponsor!); and a trip into The Hot Seat.    Sponsored by Big Timing Comedy, Nectar Sunglasses and GrizzlyScapes; also, please use our Amazon link at Big Timing Comedy .com


Paco’s Got Ballz #35 w/ The Graveyard Goonz - “Turtle Races”

November 17, 2017

Prank Callz; Will producer Mike be arrested? Thanks to the folks at Gunpowder Lodge! Our sponsors, GrizzlyScapes; Nectar Sunglasses; Brought to you by The Big Timing Comedy Network. Check out and like The Graveyard Goonz on Facebook.


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Paco’s Got Balls #33 w/ Mickey Cucchiella “Lost Episode?”

November 10, 2017

We found it on the cutting room floor? "Just Push Play"; Piece of Shit Car; Catch Mickey live weekday afternoons on Baltimore's Q1370; Nectar Sunglasses (use "COMEDY" at checkout)


Paco’s Got Balls #34 w/ Krystal The Quindlen “Where are Wendi and Stefan?”

November 2, 2017

Wendy passed out! (Not OUR Wendi!) Are condoms REALLY too big for American men? Krystal takes the Hotseat? Please visit Big Timing Comedy's site whenever you need to shop on Amazon! Nectar Sunglasses for all you shades, use the code COMEDY! Backstage Pass With Meredith Marx!


Paco’s Got Balls #32 w/ Mickey Cucchiella “Legend”

October 27, 2017

The Legend; Close friend Tiffany Baker (escaped); The State of Maryland Comedy? Hear Mickey back on the radio at Q1370 afternoons! Thanks to Nectar Sunglasses (use the cody COMEDY on checkout); Also Grizzlyscapes!


Paco’s Got Balls #31 (feat. Wendi) Takillya Hiccups

October 20, 2017

Over-served Stefan; The New Mini; The Fatberg; Edgewood shooting and a gun rant; Man in the woods; X-Rated Holiday Vacation! Big Timing Comedy; Nectar Sunglasses (discount code "comedy") Joe at Grizzlyscapes! (he needs a website!)