Paco’s Got Balls Featuring Wendi

Paco’s Got Balls #89 featuring Mike Anderson & Kelly O’Donnell Ware -

December 5, 2018

With Wendi still out, Mike Anderson of 98Rock and Kelly O'Donnell Ware of Kelly’s Dream are back for an outrageous episode of scattered topics! Mike discusses the time he tackled a rare steak, and a debate begins about digesting raw meat. And Paco and Balls chat about firing muzzle loaders and express their love for Keanu Reeves. Then, news of a strange business venture in Maine turns into an ambitious gastronomic experiment. Things take a strange turn as Intern Andy chats about an unusual sexual phenomenon, and the group dovetails into a long spiritual discussion when Anderson bears his soul.


Tags: Mike Anderson, 98Rock, Kelly O'Donnell Ware, Kelly’s Dream, Fogo de Chao, Steak, Raw Meat, Muzzle Loaders, John Wick, Keanu Reeves, Moose, Maine, Tirdy Works, Objectum Sexuals, Spirituality, Buddhism, Reincarnation, Souls, Plants, Raymond Moody, Life After Life, Tilda Swinton, Andy Dick, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

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