Paco’s Got Balls feat. Wendi #105 - The Penis Museum with Katie Dunn and Tim Trueheart

March 22, 2019

Our dear old friend Katie Dunn returns triumphantly to the Big Timing Comedy studio, and she’s brought her beau, comedian Tim Trueheart of the Jellyvision Show! These two Improv Extraordinaire get cozy for zany chats about politics, foreskin, and Icelandic penis museums. Soon Katie talks about her improv origins, her recent trip to Paris, and then her and Tim break out the goods; they’ve prepared improv class exercises for Paco, Balls and Wendi! Let the games begin!

In Loving Memory of Lois Holbrook

Tags: Katie Dunn, Tim Trueheart, The Jellyvision Show, The Phallological Museum, Iceland, Circumcision, Andrew Yang, Foreskin, Universal Income, Paris, Improv, Penis, Penis Puppetry, Improv Class, Games

Paco’s Got Balls feat. Wendi #103 - ‘Keto Crotch’ with Chris Lawrence

March 15, 2019

The indelible comedian Chris Lawrence pops by for Paco’s Got Balls, and quickly becomes our favorite guest yet! After the crew gushes over a handsome local celebrity, Balls makes us think twice about the Keto diet. We then delve into the plan for Big Timing Comedy’s St. Patrick’s Day parade float, followed by a discussion of a controversial new Michael Jackson documentary. Soon it’s Chris in the hot seat, where he’s probed about crafting his comedy, his thoughts on circumcision, and drilled about his favorite female comedians! This episode is all that AND a bag of delicious Birthday Cake Oreos…


Tags: Chris Lawrence, Sam Calgione, Dogfish Head Brewery, Keto Crotch, Keto Diet, Michael Jackson, Leaving Neverland, St. Patrick’s Day, Alex Trebec, Stormy Daniels, Outbreak, Patrick Dempsey, Birthday Cake Oreos, Clawcomedy

Paco’s Got Balls Bonus #23 LIVE w/ Justin Schlegel

March 14, 2019

It’s Big Timing Comedy’s event podcast of the season when Paco takes Balls to the stage! We are live at Sully’s Comedy Cellar in Parkville, Maryland with special guest Justin Schlegel of 98 Rock’s Justin, Scott and Spiegel! Justin and the gang pull no punches and spare no expense with audience games and uncensored antics. Find out what gifts Justin has in store for Paco and the team! Get the inside scoop when Justin talk behind the scenes at 98Rock, his experiences with the Murder Mystery cast, and stick around as lucky audience members compete in a trivia battle royale!


Tags: Justin Schlegel, 98Rock, Justin, Scott and Spiegel, Transformers, Pacific Rim, Kaiju, Murder Mystery, Mike’s Palliative Care, 2019 Maggie Sophia Memorial, Disc golf, Smelling Salts, Erectile Drugs, Erections, Trivia, Sully’s Comedy Cellar

Paco’s Got Balls #102 “Talking Brews with Kevin Blodger”

March 9, 2019

It’s time to kick back back with a frosty beverage and give your ears to a brew-tiful new episode of Paco’s Got Balls! This time we are honored to have co-founder of Union Craft Brewery Kevin Blodger with us, maker of such amazing beers as Duckpin Pale Ale and Rye-Baby IPA! First up, Balls recaps the live podcast and his experience doing standup at Wits End Saloon, and Wendi explains her heroic act of diplomacy. Paco tells a ripping-good Mike Quindlen story. Then the group talks recent celebrity news, and Paco gets animated about the notion of workplace masturbation. Soon it’s Kevin’s turn in the hot seat, and we learn about the art and science of brewing beer, which beer is his favorite, and how got started in the beer brewing biz. It’s a delicious, hoppy episode you won’t want to miss!


Tags: Kevin Blodger, Union Craft Brewery, Beer, South London Jazz, Kamaal Williams, La La Land, Chicago, Yussef Kamaal, Josh Charles, Luke Perry, Alec Trebec, Sam Calgiogne, Pancreas, Goose Island, Balt Alt Beer

Paco’s Got Balls #101 “Where the hell is Paco?” w/ Connor Dykes

March 1, 2019

Aaron Henkin fills in for Paco again, this time to lend the crew his journalist chops when we chat with guest Connor Dykes about the rocky road that led him to pursue standup comedy.


Tags: Connor Dykes, DJ Lightning, Aaron Henkin, Rhianna, Kat Von Dee, Justin Bieber

Paco’s Got Balls #100 “Whopperstanken’” with Aaron Henkin

February 22, 2019

It’s a packed studio when Paco’s Got Balls featuring Wendi turns 100 episodes old! With no sign of Paco, Balls and Wendi are thrilled to welcome the Edward R Murrow Award winning producer of WYPR’s ‘Out of the Blocks’, Aaron Henkin! Plus, DJ Lightning drops by to chat, and brings cake, with comedian Connor Dykes in tow! After Intern Andy finally receives his Secret Santa Gift, Wendi tells a pants- poopingly good tale, and Balls gives an update about their St. Patrick’s Day float. Then Aaron gets the hot seat and chats about his work on the LaughFinder podcast, how he got into the public radio biz, and shows off his tats. Here’s to another 100 episodes!


Tags: Aaron Henkin, Out of the Blocks, The Signal, WYPR, Sharts, LaughFinder, McGooby’s Murder Mystery, St. Patrick’s Day Float, Edward R Murrow Award, DJ Lightning, Connor Dykes, Robin Quivers, Kelly Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne

Paco’s Got Balls #99 “Foul Mouthed Al” with Al Carroll

February 15, 2019

Paco, Balls, and Wendi welcome Delaware comedian Al Carroll to the studio! Al chats about his experiences with Delaware music festivals, while Wendi expresses some grievances. Then Paco and Balls recap their recent comedy show in Cambridge, which leads to the great apple butter vs apple sauce debate of 2019. After some local news about a certain celeb in hot water is discussed, it’s the hot seat for Al! He chats about being in a band, the high cost of being a comedian, and his last performance with Delaware Adult Improv.


Tags: Al Carroll, Foul Mouthed Al, Delaware, Firefly Festival, Liam Neeson, Apple Butter, Cambridge, Apple Sauce, Improv, June Jam 

Paco’s Got Balls #98 “Of Cats and Dogs” with Tommy Highland

February 8, 2019

Intern Andy is out sick but Balls returns in full health, just in time to help Wendi and Paco slap some cozy headphones on guest comedian Tommy Highland! After the team revisits some sex toy discussion and the wondrous Hitachi wand, Paco gets some accolades for his brand new NPR series, and delivers some sad news from his weekend. Tommy delivers a yarn about an uncouth feline companion, and then gets the hot seat treatment. He gets honest about his relationship with his wife, and his appearance on Comedy Central’s hit series Delco Proper!

Tags: Tommy Highland, Hitachi, Sex Toys, Richard Yeagley, Town of the Big House, NPR, WYPR, Dumpling, Chris Rich, Cats, Delco Proper, Tom Papa, Catwoman, Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway, Instagram, Scottish Accents

Paco’s Got Balls #97 “When Josie Comes Home” with Josie Marcellino

January 31, 2019

With Balls still out sick, Paco and Wendi stir up a raucous evening when we welcome the promising Baltimore comedian Josie Marcellino to the studio! Get ready for enlightening discussions about sex, dating, and desperation in the days before internet porn! Soon the group addresses some upcoming 2019 films, and reveals their favorite Tarantino movie. Then it's Josie in the hot seat to talk about her comedy, cosplay, and her experience on Paid or Pain, and Mag Fest!


Tags:Drugs, The Sopranos,, Relationship Jokes, Blockbuster, Royal Farms, Blink 182, Steely Dan, Tarantino, Forcing Peeing, "Nothing like a Good Hard Piss", Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino, Inglorious Bastards, Mag Fest, Reservoir Dogs, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DeCaprio, Margot Robbie, Paid or Pain, Rob Mayer, Gary Gullman, Lust Cinema, Austin Powers, Love Guru, Mike Myers.

Paco’s Got Balls #96 w/ Gina Crash - “Orangina on the Board”

January 25, 2019

Balls is down for the count this week, but the fabulous Wendi Townsend returns to spit fire on the mic! Plus, Paco’s Got Balls welcomes the co-host of Today's 101.9 Morning show and voiceover on 1057TheFan, the lovely and dynamic Gina Crash! Gina instantly gets chummy with the gang as she chats movies, Alt Rock, Broadway shows, and life in the ‘biz. Then Wendi reveals her new celebrity Twitter follower, and keeps the crew guessing! Things get sentimental when Paco and Gina get warm and fuzzy about their shared Alma Mater. Finally, Gina gets real about how she got her name, her chemistry with her co-host, and dishes about which celebs gave the worst interviews!


Tags: Gina Crash, Today's 101.9 Morning Show, 1057TheFan, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Razorbacks Commercial, Morgantown, Virginia State University, Jim Morino, Jeff Healy, Rob Thomas, Third Eye Blind, REM, Ron Livingston, Maynard James Keenan, Tool, Keith Coogan, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, Life’s Rich Pageant,