Paco’s Got Balls #95 “What Dreams May Come” featuring Michael Panzarotto

January 18, 2019

While Wendi enjoys a few days in the mountains, the team is joined by wildly talented actor Michael Panzarotto! Michael talks about how he got inspired to continue the legacy of his childhood hero, Jonathan Harris, and drops some sci-fi trivia. Paco and Balls continue to discuss their struggles with Facebook, and plug the podcast’s upcoming venture into Twitch. Balls gets real about some troubling dreams, and it’s up to Paco’s analytical skills to get to the bottom of it. Finally the group discusses the debut of a new Netflix documentary that prompts more foreskin talk, and the group breaks gets a new understanding of the origins of going under the knife.


Tags: Michael Panzarotto, Jonathan Harris, Dr. Smith, Chewbacca, George Lucas, Star Wars, The Wizard, Rescue Me, Dennis Leary, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark Knight, Forest Tuckering, Netflix, American Circumcision, NAVA Health Community, Dream Analysis


Paco’s Got Balls #94 “Danger Will Robinson!” with Dr. Zachary Smith

January 11, 2019

Danger Will Robinson! It’s a very special episode of Paco’s Got Balls when the crew welcomes aboard Dr. Zachary Smith, one of the famous passengers of the 1997 Jupiter 2 mission to Alpha Centauri! After Paco and Balls talk Sports Corner and the recent Baltimore Ravens game, Dr. Smith gets personal about his childhood, his career, his gambling addiction, and explains what really happened on that fateful day he ended up aboard the Jupiter 2 with the Robinson family and that bubble headed booby of robot! Don’t miss this intergalactic episode full of twists, turns, surprises, and sentient vegetables!


Tags: Zachary Smith, Dr. Smith, Mike Panzaratti, Lost in Space, Robot, Will Robinson, Jupiter 2, Sports Corner, Baltimore Ravens, Terrell Suggs, Agnes Morehead, Maureen Robinson, Humphrey Bogart, John Robinson, Lamar Jackson


Paco’s Got Balls #93 w/ John Dayton - “Wanna See My Balls?”

January 3, 2019

so, still no intern Andy! 


Paco’s Got Balls #92 - “Who the HELL is Rick Spielman?” w/ John Dayton

December 29, 2018

...and where the hell is ANDY?


Paco’s Got Balls #91 “A Very Paco and Balls Christmas” - with Eric Woodworth

December 21, 2018

The sensational Erik Woodworth is in the studio tonight, for a very fractious holiday special! Things kick off when we discuss Balls’ first time testing out his material at our recent Open Mic show, and Paco gives some pointers while Wendi gets passionate about stand up comedy. Erik talks about what it’s like being on the Laugh Finder podcast, Clive Barker, and his kinsman-ship with fellow comedian Tommy Sinbazo. Soon Paco’s up against the wall as he defends his views about a recent holiday music controversy, and the group discusses their rocky relationship with facebook after censorship bites down on their marketing strategies. Plus, the group exchanges Secret Santa gifts! It’s a holly jolly one you don’t want to miss!


TAGS: Eric Woodworth, Roadie Joes, Eric Jolicoeur Standup, The Amish Pair of Guys, Tommy Sinbazo, Laugh Finder Podcast, Quality Time Podcast, Baby its Cold Outside, Facebook Regulations, Censorship, Toxic Shock Syndrome, Teens Fermenting Tampons, Sugar Ray, Kids, Dangerous Minds, Clive Barker, Endgame, Midnight Meat Train, HBO, Escape from Sobibar, Tales from the Crypt, Dream On, Life Goes On, Tom Selleck, Runaway, New York Post, Egg Nog, Christmas, Holiday, Secret Santa


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Paco’s Got Balls #90 “From Russia with Love” - with Andy and Bill Giordano

December 14, 2018

Balls springs a pair of surprise guests on the group: listener, super-fan and expatriate Andy Giordano, along with his dad Bill! After the group recaps their carnivorous Christmas carousal at Fogo de Chao, Andy blesses the crew with gifts from afar, and chats about what it’s like living and working in Russia! Bill introduces us to a couple of his long dormant characters for some back and forth with Paco! Things come full circle when Balls reveals the Mystery Mailer has struck again, and it turns out our guest may have some insight that would bring this hard-broiled mystery to its toe-curling climax!


Tags: Andy Giordano, Bill Giordano, Russia, Mystery Mailer, Holmes, Fogo de Chao, Holiday Party, Anna Kournikova, Regina Spector, Ivanka Trump, American Embassy


Paco’s Got Balls #89 featuring Mike Anderson & Kelly O’Donnell Ware -

December 5, 2018

With Wendi still out, Mike Anderson of 98Rock and Kelly O'Donnell Ware of Kelly’s Dream are back for an outrageous episode of scattered topics! Mike discusses the time he tackled a rare steak, and a debate begins about digesting raw meat. And Paco and Balls chat about firing muzzle loaders and express their love for Keanu Reeves. Then, news of a strange business venture in Maine turns into an ambitious gastronomic experiment. Things take a strange turn as Intern Andy chats about an unusual sexual phenomenon, and the group dovetails into a long spiritual discussion when Anderson bears his soul.


Tags: Mike Anderson, 98Rock, Kelly O'Donnell Ware, Kelly’s Dream, Fogo de Chao, Steak, Raw Meat, Muzzle Loaders, John Wick, Keanu Reeves, Moose, Maine, Tirdy Works, Objectum Sexuals, Spirituality, Buddhism, Reincarnation, Souls, Plants, Raymond Moody, Life After Life, Tilda Swinton, Andy Dick, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe


Paco’s Got Balls #88 Featuring Mike Anderson w/ Kelly O’Donnell Ware - “With Overhang”

November 30, 2018

With Wendi MIA, Paco and Balls welcome back 98 Rock’s Mike Anderson to co-host. And when our guest calls out, the ravishing Kelly O'Donnell Ware pops by to chat with the gang about Kelly’s Dream fundraisers, her brand new website, and their upcoming Saint Patrick’s Day parade float! The celebration continues when Balls reveals the status of his foreskin restoration. And finally, Paco slips on the ole’ deerstalker cap when the mystery mailer strikes yet again!


Tags: Mike Anderson, 98 Rock, Kelly O'Donnell Ware, Kelly’s Dream, Deep Eddies, Wetzels Pretzels, Mystery Mailer, Ball Gag, Kink, Friends, Sylvester Stallone, Chyna, Sigourney Weaver, Laura Bass, Sun Screen Safety, The Anderson Agenda, Foreskin Restoration, overhang


Paco’s Got Balls #87 - “Tailbacking” with Rubi Nicholas

November 21, 2018

The holidays are upon us here on Paco’s Got Balls! It’s an evening of hilarity when Pennsylvania comedian Rubi Nicholas, owner of the Lanc Out Loud Comedy Club, and her beau Patrick, pop in to chat with the gang! Rubi’s rapid-fire comedy thrills us, as she talks her former career, starting over from scratch, and being in love! And soon Rubi is in the hot seat for a round of classic Paco’s Got Balls questions. You’re in for a mixed bag of delicious morsels, including gallows humor, pet care, a meditation on mortality, restored foreskins, and gluing eyebrows to one’s glasses.


Tags: Rubi Nicholas, Patrick, Lanc Out Loud Comedy, Nickelodeon, Death, Elder Care, Health Care, Tailbacking, John Cleese, Mel Brooks, Glenn Close, Horrible Dog Mom, Dovetail, Pennsylvania, Lancaster, Colorado, The Punisher, Alopecia, Secret Santa


Paco’s Got Balls #86 - “Take Us To Church” w/ Jim Bryan

November 16, 2018

The group welcomes full-time funny man Jim Bryan to the show, and promptly creeps him out for his first guest appearance! Wendi kicks off by coaching Paco on how to implement ‘dirty talk’ in the bedroom. Paco and Balls recap their recent camping trip and Paco’s expert marksmanship, as well as the highlights of our recent Roadie Joe’s show and Intern Andy’s debut on stage. Soon it’s Jim in the hot seat, chatting about how he ended up in the pursuit of happiness, his wild schedule, the secrets of his astonishing beard, and the origins of his business in Hanover Pennsylvania: Church of Satire Comedy Club!


Tags: Jim Bryan, Church of Satire Comedy Club, Dirty Talk, Pocket Pussy, Roadie Joe’s, Camping, Sobriety, Elder Care, Healthcare, Wood Shed, Beard Product, Head Butter