Paco’s Got Balls Featuring Wendi

Paco’s Got Balls #79 w/ Just Us! “Grab Bag”

September 27, 2018

The gang is in rare form tonight after close calls with the fuzz, run-ins with rude audience members, and bizarre news articles. Wendi sings an old favorite while we discuss movies, pregnancy tips, and shifting the culture of comedy in today’s socio-political landscape. So kick back, take a swig of the ole’ Donkey Sauce, and get your ears tickled by what is sure to be a Paco’s Got Balls feat. Wendi classic!


Tags: Spiders, Predator, Arnold Schwarzineggar, Franky Valley, Jersey Boys, Amy Schumer, Bill Murray, Revenge of the Nerds, Donkey Sauce, Chevy Chase, Sperm, Police, Rude Audience Members.

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