Paco’s Got Balls Featuring Wendi

Paco’s Got Balls feat. Wendi - #121 - “The More You Grow” with Walt Rampata

July 8, 2019

With Wendi away at Das Bierhall, guest-host Josie Marcellino swings by the studio to bust Paco’s Balls. Together they welcome guest Walt Rampata, a hemp grower and consultant at Baltimore’s own ReLeaf Shop cannibis dispensary! Balls kicks off with some foreskin updates and an awkward discussion with Papa Jolicoeur. Then Josie describes a recent gardening accident that left her with a broken tailbone. Soon the hot seat is ablaze when Walt takes us to school about the ins and outs of growing marijuana and the life-changing medicinal benefits of CBD. It’s an educational deep dive through the world of farming and science, and metabolizing cannabinoids, with a transfixed Paco and Balls along for the ride! with promo code Walt 10 to get 10 % off your order

Tags: ReLeaf Shop, CBD, Hemp, Black Market, Marijuana, Cannabinoids,, sativa, tailbone, Endocannabinoid System, Foreskin, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, The More You Know, Mary Jane Watson, Mary-Louise Parker, Hemorrhoid Donut Pillows, Kim Basinger

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